Keeping your finger on the pulse of your people, know the facts in weeks, not months!

Move forward with certainty

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MOVE forward with certainty


Our cloud-based solution measures an employee’s knowledge base of company policies and procedures, and predicts risks to your company, with 95% accuracy, weeks in advance, down to the employee!

With more of your team working from home validation of knowledge and employee engagement is more critical than ever.   As we move forward we are likely to see a hybrid environment, which raises issues around effective employee management; maintaining quality standards; monitoring compliance; and ensuring office culture extends virtually to the home. 

Are you running with a gut feeling or moving forward with certainty?

Our dashboard is a smart check-point that enables effective employee management across multiple locations. Easy access to the facts, so you can:

Know who you cannot afford to lose [Employee Alerts]

Monitor compliance, reduce exposure [Compliance Risks]

Improve effectiveness, reduce costs [Knowledge Gaps]

Real-time results allow you to move forward with greater confidence that your virtual team is in ‘lock-step’ with your in-house team and culture.

We do the measurement, analysis and reporting for you!

20 Days
Results in less than
65 %
Predictive Accuracy
10 %
direct cost-savings
"We need to be able to show to our clients and auditors that we are the best at what we do. Before Realmove Performance Analytics we could say it, now we can prove it!"
Denis Creighton
"We knew Realmove Performance Analytics would give us visibility, but did not expect it to be so fast or so on the mark!"
Jason Baker
SVP Operations, Entertainment Benefits Group
"What Salesforce did for our sales meetings, Realmove Performance Analytics is doing for our Executive meetings."
Maria Tobin
Board Director, FEXCO

move forward with certainty

Realmove Performance Analytics

We do the measurement, analysis and reporting for you

Our hosted solution measures an employee’s knowledge based of company values, policies and procedures – immediate employee results.

Real-time results non-subjectively analysed—test specific reports

Tracking responses to identify knowledge gaps per question / topic across the entire workforce—supporting quick action to close gap.

Evaluating comprehension to establish tangible facts on understanding and implementation of policies and regulations – reducing risk exposure

Parsing test behaviours to detect employee’s test behaviour anomalies—predicting risks to your company.

Non-subjective analysis categorized—company specific reports

Business facts, predictive alerts and risks to your company, with 95% accuracy, weeks in advance, down to the employee!

Performance trends comparatively weighted, ranked and bench-marked across locations, products, teams and employees.

Move forward with certainty – Know the facts in weeks, not months

Realmove Performance Analytics keeps you finger on the pulse of your people with real-time results, per employee; bi-weekly analysis on gaps and risks, with predictions of 95% accuracy, down to the employee. 

Monthly company specific reports with easy access to the facts provides visibility and certainty for informed decisions that will have an immediate impact on the agility and resilience of your company.

Employee alerts
5% reduced churn; 20% decrease in annual training costs; 27% improved engagement levels
compliance risks
28% reduction in claims | Audit Score going from Top 10% to Top 1%
knowledge gaps
35% increase in effectiveness; 50% faster transition to production targets & quality scores


Move forward with certainty

Knowledge Gaps

Improve effectiveness, reduce costs

Gap Analysis

Pinpoint gaps across the work-force on products, policies and procedures

Maintain Standards
Validate comprehension and adherence to safety standards and security guidelines

Transition to Workplace
Measure and support the learning curve for 50% faster transition to productivity work

Compliance Risks

Manage, demonstrate, reduce exposure

Real-time Monitoring
Business as usual knowledge and compliance monitoring with no integration

Demonstrate Commitment
Tangible facts on understanding and implementation of policies and regulations

Continual Improvement
Track continual improvement to demonstrate organizational excellence

Employee Alerts

Know who you cannot afford to lose!

Retain the Right Staff

Non-subjective engagement validation, and risk predictions, down to the employee

Real-time Contingency
Comparative bench-marking and ranking across locations, teams and employees

Support and Well-being
Predictive alerts on employee's who are becoming dis-engaged, or needing support


“Realmove Performance Analytic’s comparative reporting
provides with me at-a-glance performance trends”
Ivan Cleere, Service Manager, Conduit

“Simplicity and user friendliness define
Realmove Performance Analytics”
Simone Ziobakaite, Change Analyst, FEXCO

How It Works


Using a cloud based web app, an employee takes a 5 minute test every two weeks. Each test measures an employees’ knowledge and understanding of

• Products, processes, policies, procedures, practices

• Statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements

We work together with you to create and schedule company specific tests.

We take it from here.

We do the measurement, analysis and reporting for you.

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