Stop letting lack of knowledge and attrition kill your profitability

Know the facts in advance

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MOVE forward with certainty


Our cloud based solution measures an employee’s knowledge base of company policies, procedures and regulations; provides easy access to objective analysis on competence levels and trends, and predicts churn, with 95% accuracy, weeks in advance, down to the employee. 

Powerfully simple, smart checkpoint for greater visibility!

Know the facts in weeks, not months

Real-time results, easy access to business facts, predictive analysis and trends, provides greater visibility and certainty for informed decisions.

20 Days
Results in less than
65 %
Predictive Accuracy
8 %
Direct Cost Savings
"We need to be able to show to our clients and auditors that we are the best at what we do. Before Realmove we could say it, now we can prove it!"
Denis Creighton
"We knew Realmove Predictive Analytics would give us visibility, but did not expect it to be so fast or so on the mark!"
Jason Baker
SVP Operations, Entertainment Benefits Group
"What Salesforce did for our sales meetings, Realmove Predictive Analytics is doing for our Executive meetings."
Maria Tobin
Board Director, FEXCO

Move forward with certainty

Know the facts

Our measurement, analytical and reporting solution is a powerfully simple, smart checkpoint that enables effective management across multiple locations.

Real-time results are objectively analysed,  comparatively weighted and bench-marked across locations, teams and employees for easy access to business facts to help you to: 

  • Improve effectiveness, reduce cost and exposure
  • Know who you cannot afford to lose!          
  • Demonstrate continuous improvement
Knowledge Gaps
32% increased effectiveness; 15% reduced errors; New Hire 50% faster transition to productivity
Predictive Alerts
5% reduced churn; 20% decrease in annual training costs; 27% improved engagement levels
Compliance Risks
28% reduction in claims | Accreditation Audit Score going from Top 10% to Top 1%

We do the measurement, analysis and reporting for you

What we do

Knowledge Base Assessment

Gain greater visibility across entire workforce

Pinpoints gaps on products, processes and procedures

Easy access to facts enables quick action to close gaps

Reduces escalation, errors and customer complaints

Culture and Engagement

Keep your finger on the pulse of your people

Pulse check on 'buy in' to corporate culture and goals

Identifies engagement, morale indicators and trends

Benchmarks trends across locations and teams

Compliance Adherence

Contain what can hurt you with proven facts

Validates policy and process adherence "hot-spots"

Advance insights to manage and contain risk exposure

Demonstrates commitment to continual improvement

Performance Predictive Alerts

Know exactly who you cannot afford to lose!

Predicts churn with 95% accuracy, to the person

Comparatively ranks and benchmarks performance

Prevents lack of knowledge and churn killing profitability

How It Works


Hassle free, measurement, analytical and reporting solution immediately available on any devise, with no integration or geographical limitations.

Using our online measurement tool, an employee takes a scheduled  10 minute quiz based on company specific questions. 

Quizzes measure employees’ knowledge and understanding of: 

  • Products, processes, policies, procedures and standards;   
  • Safety standards, security guidelines and regulations.

We work together with managers and supervisors to create and schedule company specific tests.  We take it from there.  


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