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Our hosted solution measures an employee’s knowledge base of company policy and procedures, and can predict with 85% accuracy employee attrition down to the person.

Non-subjective analysis delivers easy access to the facts on “who-what-where” needs support across locations, teams and individuals.

Company specific reports deliver at a glance performance trends for greater visibility on key performance areas and indicators.

60 Days
Results in less than
60 %
Predictive Churn Accuracy
5 %
Increased high performers
"Before teaming up with Realmove Performance Analytics, we could say we are the best at what we do - now we can prove it. Performance Analytics enables our award winning business.
Our NPS score has increased, we have decreased our new hire on-boarding time by over 50%, and most importantly we have reduced agent churn by nearly 5%."
Denis Creighton
"What Salesforce did for our sales meetings, Realmove Performance Analytics is doing for our Executive meetings."
Maria Tobin
Board Director, FEXCO


FEXCO Outsourcing Services

Greater visibility with operational impact & cost saving

A 5 minute bi – weekly test, using our highly developed and unique algorithms, covers 90% more of the audience than current quality assurance practices in 80% less time for a cost of 10 cents a day per agent.

35% Increase Knowledge & Engagement
Less 1.4 QA FTE and cost savings 72K p.a 1st Call Resolution (base 10K calls p.m)
predicative churn and early intervention
Decrease Churn 5% (Saving 76K p.a. reducing Churn by only 1 agent p.m.)
50% faster NH Transition to Productivity
20% Reduction Training Budget (Average saving of 1,425 per New Hire Agent)

What We Do

Knowledge Levels

Knowledge Gap Analysis
Pinpoint gaps across the population on products, policies, procedures and practices

Compliance Validation
Track compliance and improvement in quality and regulatory obligations

New Hire On-boarding
Monitor and support New Hire knowledge base and learning curve

Staff Retention

Predictive Churn
Identify who has the potential to leave with 85% accuracy to the person

Retain the Right Staff
Compare all ranked staff and classified high potential and engaged employees

Differentiate and Leverage Performers
Work with facts on who-what-where needs support to move staff across levels

Cost Savings

$6,359 per reduced turnover
Immediate engagement with identified potential churn increase retention by 70%

$72,000 per year
30% increase knowledge = Improved 1st Call Resolution ( based on 10,000 call p.m)

$1,425 per new hire
50% faster transition to productivity; 20% reduction to annual training budget


“Realmove Performance Analytic’s comparative reporting
provides with me at-a-glance performance trends”
Ivan Cleere, Service Manager, Conduit

“Simplicity and user friendliness define
Realmove Performance Analytics”
Simone Ziobakaite, Change Analyst, FEXCO

How It Works


Using a cloud based web app, an employee takes a 5 minute test every two weeks. Each test measures an employees’ knowledge and understanding of

• Products, processes, policies, procedures, practices

• Statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements

We work together with you to create and schedule company specific tests.

We take it from here.

We do the measurement, analysis and reporting for you.

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