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Our cloud based solution measures an employee’s knowledge base of company policy and procedures and delivers results in less that 60 days. 

Know who is engaged, stressed, needs support and who is planning to leave your company, with 95% accuracy, down to the person.

Greater visibility across entire population – no geographic boundaries.

Company specific reports deliver easy access to the facts for greater visibility on key performance indicators, trends and risks bench marked and ranked across locations, teams and individuals.


20 Days
Results in less than
65 %
Predictive Alerts Accuracy
10 %
Improved Comprehension
"I knew Realmove Performance Analytics would give us visibility, but did not expect it to be so fast or so on the mark!"
Jason Baker
SVP Operations, Entertainment Benefits Group
"What Salesforce did for our sales meetings, Realmove Performance Analytics is doing for our Executive meetings."
Maria Tobin
Board Director, FEXCO

non-subjective performance analytics


Keeping your finger on the pulse of your people

Non-subjective analytics and our unique behaviour algorithm lets you know six weeks in advance who is becoming dis-engaged, stressed, needs support and who is planning to leave your company, with 95% accuracy, down to the person

preditive alerts
Unique insight to support and behaviour risks to the company with 95% accuracy to the person
compliance risks
Track comprehension and adherence to company and statutory regulations
knowledge gaps
Pinpoint gaps across the population on products, polices, procedures and practices

Competitive Advantage Focus


Gap Analysis
Pinpoint gaps across the population on products, policies, procedures and practices

Retain the Right Staff
Compare across weighted rankings and classified high potential and engaged staff

Transition to Workplace
Measure and support the learning curve for 50% faster transition to productivity


Maintain Standards
Validate comprehension and adherence to standards of security and safety,

Continual Improvement
Track continual improvement to demonstrate organizational excellence

Supplement Processes
Continual insights supplement your existing assessment processes for QMS, OSHA


Employee Attrition
Identify who is thinking about leaving your company with 95% accuracy to the person

Real-time Contingency
Business as usual knowledge and compliance monitoring with no integration

Support and Well-being
Work with facts on who is stressed or needs support for early intervention


“Realmove Performance Analytic’s comparative reporting
provides with me at-a-glance performance trends”
Ivan Cleere, Service Manager, Conduit

“Simplicity and user friendliness define
Realmove Performance Analytics”
Simone Ziobakaite, Change Analyst, FEXCO

How It Works


Using a cloud based web app, an employee takes a 5 minute test every two weeks. Each test measures an employees’ knowledge and understanding of

• Products, processes, policies, procedures, practices

• Statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements

We work together with you to create and schedule company specific tests.

We take it from here.

We do the measurement, analysis and reporting for you.

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